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Rockefeller Doodles - Family Raised Cavapoos in Pennsylvania

Welcome to Rockefeller Doodles!

We are a family doodle breeder in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. Here at Rockefeller Doodles we specialize in Cavapoos. Adopting a puppy is a big decision, you are picking out the newest addition to your family and we could not be happier to help you through that process. It is our mission to provide happy, healthy, and hypoallergenic puppies for their loving forever homes.

If you are interested in adding one of our puppies to your family, fill out the contact form below.

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Why Choose Rockefeller Doodles?

Why Choose Rockefeller Doodles?

Located on a 68-acre farm in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, our puppies have all the room to run and play. All the dogs and puppies are given lots of love and attention. Our dogs are our pride and joy giving lots of doggy smiles.

What sets us apart is that we take pride in the fact that we socialize all of the puppies in our home with our children. The children love all of our dogs and puppies and truly enjoy playing with them. It really is important that puppies are used to being played with and are well socialized before going to their forever homes. 

Rockefeller Doodles raises the standard of care when it comes to their puppies. They have a veterinarian who oversees all the health and wellbeing of their dogs and puppies. All puppies from Rockefeller Doodles will come with a 2 year health guarantee. We can assure you that by getting a doodle puppy from Rockefeller Doodles you are getting only the best addition to your family.

If you are looking for a Mini Doodle addition to your family, check out our upcoming litters or contact us.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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Sisel Shampoo & Conditioner

Sisel Shampoo & Conditioner

At Rockefeller Doodles, we take our health very seriously and make it our goal to only use products that are free of harmful ingredients. With our puppies being our number one priority, we only want to use the best, which is why we use Sisel Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Sisel has a line of all-natural shampoo and conditioner that only has toxin-free ingredients, leaving your puppy’s hair nourished and feeling very soft and smooth with a silky, fluffy finish. 

Check out Sisel's all-natural shampoo and conditioner.

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Cavapoos Breeder of Pennsylvania

Cavapoos Breeder of Pennsylvania

Our Cavapoo Puppies are a mix of a Poodle and a King Charles Cavelier Spaniel. Our Cavapoo puppies are hypoallergenic with great personalities meaning these puppies would make a great addition to any family. View our available Cavapoo Puppies!

Cavapoo Puppies

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